Welcome to the Scheltinga.eu website.

This website exists to provide information on several very diverse subjects. First, there is the Scheltinga family. Information on this (originally Frizian) familiy can be found under the corresponding tab.
Apart from this, there is some attention for the researchfields of several members of the family. These researchfields concern the (socialeconomic) history of several British estates. These estates are Grimsthorpe in Lincolnshire, the (former) Gwydir estate in Northern-Wales, and the Drummond estate in Central Scotland. All these estates are part of the Grimsthorpe & Drummond Castle Trust Ltd. The intention is to publish information on the different projects as this information comes available.
Lastly, attention is given to the political activities of the website owner. Information on this can be found under the corresponding tab. There is also a blog on various subjects.