Scheltinga family

The origins of the Scheltinga family lie in the western part of Friesland (Frisia). This was, however, quite some time ago. The present Scheltinga-family (as featured on this site) covers the “Apeldoorn-branch” of the family who came from Steenwijk to Apeldoorn in the early 20th century. Most visible sign therof is the Scheltinga drugstore (drogist) on the Arnhemsestraat in Apeldoorn (see website). From Apeldoorn the family dispersed over Mid-Holland, and also branching of to North Wales. This started with Mies (Apeldoorn), Leo (Wales), Han (Arnhem) and Joop (Harskamp). Further family-information is provided on this website, but content and details depend on privacy-consent of the persons involved and consequently varies in details.

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