Drummond Scotland

The name Drummond refers to the Drummond clan, which has given rise to the Drummond Castle and the Drummond estate. Drummond castle has been around since 1491, and is primarily known for its beautiful formal garden. The Drummond area is situated in Mid Scotland (Perth & Kinross) southwest of Perth, roughly between the Scottish highlands and lowlands. The Drummond estate is, since 1807, part of the Ancaster estate. before that, it was part of a smaller Perthshire conglomerate of estates, together with the Stobhall estate (located just a little to the north of Perth).   In 2011 a project was started to create an inventory of the various archives of the estate records and to make this information accessible. The results of this project will be published on this website. The creation of an inventory is taking definite shape, and should soon be available.Drummond castleWith regards to making the information contained within the Drummond estate accessible to the public, a project has started in 2011 to create a more accessible archive. A major part of the works have been completed now, and we are currently considering options to publish an index of the information contained within.

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